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Equipment Finance solutions assist business in purchasing the plant and equipment they need to get the job done. By utilising the equipment as security, this ensures a low interest rate whilst avoiding the need for property or cash security to be taken. Terms are available from 12 to 60 months, with the option to include a residual/balloon value at end of term. Finance options are available for both new and used goods with no age restrictions for approved customers.

Inlon Finance provides the following finance facilities:


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The lender loans funds to the customer to purchase equipment (chattels) which is for business use. The customer receives title of the goods at settlement and makes monthly repayments over the agreed term.

Hire Purchase

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A commercial facility where the lender purchases goods on behalf of the customer. The customer makes monthly repayments over the agreed term and receives title at end of term.


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The equipment is purchased by the lender for a fixed term. The customer then “leases” the equipment for fixed payments over the term. The residual value is paid out or rolled over by the customer at end of term.

Line of

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A pre-approved limit covering various equipment classes which can be drawn on by the customer without the need for further financial analysis or credit review.

Operating Lease
and Rental

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Goods are purchased by the lender and “rented” back to the customer for a fixed amount per month. No obligation to own at end of term.

Consumer Loans

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Funding for consumers purchasing items for personal use. The goods are used as security for the loan and flexible structures and terms are available.


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A simplified documentation system which is used to minimise ongoing signing requirements where there are multiple directors or entities in the group.

Lo-Doc Lending

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Funding options for business use where minimal to no financial information is required for approval.